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Mobile Phone and Internet Antennas

GSPotter complete range of 3g and 4g LTE Antennas

Huge Range for all Occasions

If you are having trouble getting on the internet, or want faster internet, we stock a full range of GSpotter Antennas.

In store you can see all of the available options for internet, mobile phone, car, and caravan.


The Best 3G Antenna

Our most powerful and most popular antenna is GSpotters Twin Peak Pro. Connect this antenna to your Telstra WiFi or USB modem to give you the best available speeds and connection.

Works on the Telstra Network and will be able to be adapted for the new Telstra Network.


The Best 4G LTE Antenna

If you are after 4G LTE, look no further than GSpotters LTE Pro. True 4G LTE, Multiple in Multiple out (MiMo) antenna to take advantage of fastest network Telstra has to offer.

Works on all 4G LTE networks and Future Proofed


Future Proof

Telstra will soon be using the 700MHZ band to run their LTE 4G network.

The LTE Pro is fully compatible with this network and will simply start using the new network when it’s switched on by Telstra.

The Twin Peak Pro is currently for the NextG network and will be upgradable via the adaptor kit, as soon as, the new network is available in your area. With the Adaptor Kit, the Twin Peak Pro will be a True 4G LTE Multiple in Multiple Out (MiMo) antenna (and still the strongest antenna on the market)

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